08 November 2009

back from hiatus

WORK! and lots of it. like I was telling a friend - 2 days is the new 2 weeks. clients are now expecting these ridiculous creative turnarounds. it wasn't THAT long ago when I had time to think about a design project then sketch then execute. these days I barely have a (recycled) concept on my screen and the clients start ringing me up. "when can I see something?" bastards.

I was thinking the other night (major insomnia) about how super lucky b and I are with ginny in our life. first of all, how is it possible to have insomnia when you are dead tired? seriously? this little girl brings us such profound joy. just this morning I woke up in a crap and sour mood. sunday is, in theory, my morning to sleep in. but there was NO sleepin' in today or next sunday or the sunday after that because we have such a sucky mattress. your back can't tolerate anything past 8 am. how cruel! in my achy, grumpy state I was welcomed into the living room with a giant, sloppy, snotty nosed, open mouthed kiss for mumma. ahhhhh. the day is good!

even with such a beautiful miracle in our life this blog will continue to be an Infertility Blog. I dreamt on thursday night we were going to use DEs. in real life I'm not ruling that out. I'm also thinking a lot about adoption. once b finishes his training I hope to scream "piss of IF!" and continue on a different path to build our family. to be continued...