27 February 2010

hard stuff.

this parenting business. some days I have to admit I don't think I'm cut for this (meaning I'm forever clueless and occasionally feel out of control.) I can't imagine how my mom did it with 4 kids. FOUR! in ginny's first 18 months I believe I've aged a good many years.

I'm looking and feeling a decade older since last wednesday. a typical and simple morning breakfast turned into complete chaos and panic. ginny was wearing some crapass pjs (a gift from SIL -- I should have known better.) and the feet were twice the proper size. while running across the floor with 2 toys in her hands she took a pretty big fall. she tripped on the pjs and landed flat on her face. there were some tears but after a few boo boo kisses and hugs all was "well" again. until we started to play with the ball...

she giggled in pure delight. then the HORROR! I immediately felt faint. I wanted to vomit. I started to cry. ginny's smile revealed 2 broken (not chipped) teeth! I thought I was dreaming. this couldn't be real. her two front teeth, perfect and pearly white, were no longer as I remember them. her sweet, sweet smile forever changed.

after a few nasty messages to the pedi's useless nursing line (they never call back) we raced off to the pedi dentist as an emergency. I hadn't even brushed my own teeth yet.
"that's a pretty bad break." nice dentist tells me.
"blah blah blah blah blah blah..."
that's all I remember.

later on, b spoke with nice dentist to get more "specific" details. because the nerves are so close to being exposed we will have the teeth "rebuilt" in 2 weeks. the bonding will protect what she has left. fortunately, the x-ray showed no visible damage to the adult teeth. thank god!

poor poor ginny (and poor mama.) this parenting business... hard stuff.

04 February 2010


:::deep breath:::
lots and lots and lots going on.
I have been sick. as. a. dog! I went to the ob/gyn this week to talk about my (ahem) prolapse issue (bladder not uterine) and she said "oh honey! you reeeeeally need to be on an antibiotic." this was music to my ears. all I have been hearing from b is "ride it out." 2 weeks of raging coughing fits 24 hours a day (with a possible cracked rib) -- I'm so done riding it out! this trip is OVER! even after just a couple of pills I'm feeling remarkably better. but of course I had to pass my germs on to ginny. usually it's the other way around. ginny gets a head cold and I get slammed with potential pneumonia. or ginny pukes twice and I am bedridden for a week with extreme vomiting and diarrhea. ahhh, the joys of parenting. parenting when you are completely and totally and utterly run down.

so I have been going through all the motions of life like everything is "normal," fine, and groovy. I have 2 major jobs happening simultaneously (NOT easy) while doing all that is house, dog (still peeing inside) and child. b is working hard and when he is home he's looking hard for a job. in other words, he's not "available." and now I have the added bonus of a case of man flu. yesterday he woke up with a slight cough. he called in sick and spent the entire day in bed. ummmmm. what's wrong with this picture?! oy.