04 February 2010


:::deep breath:::
lots and lots and lots going on.
I have been sick. as. a. dog! I went to the ob/gyn this week to talk about my (ahem) prolapse issue (bladder not uterine) and she said "oh honey! you reeeeeally need to be on an antibiotic." this was music to my ears. all I have been hearing from b is "ride it out." 2 weeks of raging coughing fits 24 hours a day (with a possible cracked rib) -- I'm so done riding it out! this trip is OVER! even after just a couple of pills I'm feeling remarkably better. but of course I had to pass my germs on to ginny. usually it's the other way around. ginny gets a head cold and I get slammed with potential pneumonia. or ginny pukes twice and I am bedridden for a week with extreme vomiting and diarrhea. ahhh, the joys of parenting. parenting when you are completely and totally and utterly run down.

so I have been going through all the motions of life like everything is "normal," fine, and groovy. I have 2 major jobs happening simultaneously (NOT easy) while doing all that is house, dog (still peeing inside) and child. b is working hard and when he is home he's looking hard for a job. in other words, he's not "available." and now I have the added bonus of a case of man flu. yesterday he woke up with a slight cough. he called in sick and spent the entire day in bed. ummmmm. what's wrong with this picture?! oy.


lastchanceivf said...

Oh my. That man flu can be pretty deadly, he'd better take off a week from life and rest up. Ha.

I'm sorry you've had so much to deal with lately--I'm sure the unrelenting nature of it all can be overwhelming on a good day, and downright horrific when you're sick on top of it all. I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

Joy said...

David has pink eye. Which has, of course, rendered him useless.
I really don't know how women were ever (are ever?) considered the weaker sex.

Anonymous said...

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