16 January 2010

my twin

we first met when I moved back to the city. c-town grocery store. early afternoon. navigating through the narrow and crowded aisles with a stroller is no easy task. WIDE LOAD. we kept running into each other -- literally. then we saw one another at the corner bodega. she bought some beautiful roses. I bought some cheap-ass mums.
"nice to see you... again. I'm now off to starbucks."

"me too!"
"you're daughter is beautiful."
"thanks!" I recognized The Stare. the wheels turning in her head. I then have to explain.
"my husband is korean."
"mine TOO!"
her little boy was sound asleep but once I got a better look at him, oh yeah... blondie didn't look at all like her son. we both had little asian babies in our strollers.
we got our coffees and chatted. she lived 2 blocks away from me.
"we moved back to new york because of b's super-fellowship at hospital."
"my husband is a physician TOO!"
"ginny is our miracle baby." I went into my long-winded and much rehearsed speech on IF and IVF.
"I went to cornell TOO!"
of course you DID! you're my twin!

j has since left our fair city. she actually moved to where I just moved from. we've stayed in touch and she always calls for a play date when back in the city. my twin. I miss her so, but no doubt our paths will cross again.


lastchanceivf said...

That is really really crazy! I'm sorry she moved, but I'm hopeful she'll be back...it sounds like you guys have a truly unique bond--how many times can you say to someone "yes! me too!" on nearly every major thing??

nickoletta100 said...

wow, that is really cool. sorry she moved away :(

becoming-mom said...

That's CRAZY! Sad that she left though.. and weird that she left for where you just left FROM. It's like the twighlight zone...

KandiB said...

Sad! Specially as it seems to get harder and harder to find good friends as you get older...ones you really connect with. Hopefully you'll stay in touch and be the type of friends where you can just pick up the phone and feel like you're just down the block from each other :)