30 September 2009

a "borrowed" post

we went to a fab birthday party (fellow cornell IVFer) last saturday and the very talented A took some really great shots. this post is stolen from becoming mom. cool!

21 September 2009

it pays to be social

and you pay BIG Time!

ginny and I went to our first official music class last week. it was a free trial and we (I) was curious to see what the hoopla was all about. first of all, it was a no nap day, we had some teething action going on (specifically molars,) and we were both a little "on the cranky side." the class was a few blocks away so what the hell. "let's give it a go!" if ginny had a complete meltdown we could easily be back in the apartment in the matter of minutes.

much to my surprise, my child could not have been happier. she squealed with delight playing all the instruments. she clapped and danced to all the singing (even her mother's.) ginny was the center of attention! she was the music together it girl!

I was sold. I had to sign up for classes asap. the weather is getting cooler and soon the park will be closed for the winter months. we have a little social butterfly on our hands so we must keep her active and entertained with kids her own age. and music is good!

good until you see the price -- $490! and that's CHEAP! cheap for the UES. the same exact class is offered in brooklyn for $185. just because we live in the most expensive neighborhood in the US (maybe the world) doesn't mean we have lots of money. on the contrary actually.

so my mission began. must. find. music class. for ginny.
oh, I found one. lots of them.

hands on... (all miniature instruments) - $560 + $35 yearly fee
... little birds (teaches elementary music theory) - $600 + $35 yearly fee
... maestros (complete with full live band) - $695!

are you friggin' kidding me?! all ginny really needs is a few friends, maybe a harmonica, a tambourine and a couple of drums. elementary music theory, my ass.


17 September 2009

holdin' down the fort

all by my lonesome. b had been away for almost 2 weeks. 1 week working the shitty night shift and the next he was in utah. man, I was so hoping he'd bring me home a wife! polygamy sounds pretty damn appealing these days. between nanny shopping and work there's been no time for posting. or knitting. or reading. or writing thank you notes (they're late!) or much of anything. but I do have a couple recent pics to share -
our sweet little miracle. the love and light of my life. I'm so flippin' lucky!

05 September 2009

we look the same

I guarantee one of your neighbors is infertile.

there we were. ginny's favorite swings at celebrity park. she literally squeals with delight and claps wildly when we enter the gate. I usually chat with the nannies, or this dude, but weekends are different. I actually get to meet the parents (a totally bizarre concept on the UES.)

angelina was to ginny's left and emma was to her right. 3 little girls (13, 12 and 15 months) all lined up and swinging in unison. very cute. we talked about first teeth, the transition to sippy cups, naps, pedipeds and alternative vaccine schedules. and of course, my crap eggs. as you know, it's my mission these days -- educate the people! infertility awareness! rock on! I guarantee you know someone.

13 month old angelina - IUI baby
15 month old emma - cornell IVF baby

we were surrounded by "my kind." we. are. everywhere.

04 September 2009

a picture's worth...

look at all these beautiful cornell babies! (and 3 others couldn't make it.) the little boy is actually an NYU IVF baby but his mom is a new patient of dr d. one of the dads nailed it -- "these are the most expensive babies in nyc!" yep. 7 babies. we could easily be talking well over $100,000.

this amazing photo was taken at ginny's party. I hid the identity just in case one of my buddies is not comfortable being outed as one of those infertiles. guess who is the exhausted, frazzled and ugly mom on the right? man! she needs a serious haircut! sigh.