05 September 2009

we look the same

I guarantee one of your neighbors is infertile.

there we were. ginny's favorite swings at celebrity park. she literally squeals with delight and claps wildly when we enter the gate. I usually chat with the nannies, or this dude, but weekends are different. I actually get to meet the parents (a totally bizarre concept on the UES.)

angelina was to ginny's left and emma was to her right. 3 little girls (13, 12 and 15 months) all lined up and swinging in unison. very cute. we talked about first teeth, the transition to sippy cups, naps, pedipeds and alternative vaccine schedules. and of course, my crap eggs. as you know, it's my mission these days -- educate the people! infertility awareness! rock on! I guarantee you know someone.

13 month old angelina - IUI baby
15 month old emma - cornell IVF baby

we were surrounded by "my kind." we. are. everywhere.


Eb said...

you have ESP when it comes to my worries! I just got back from Cornel (b/w & u/s) and was thinking I feel so weird and freakish. Sneaking around on an early Sunday morning. But thank you! We are everywhere. And I am on of the peeps.
Thank you.

lub said...

You are exactly right! I am all about educating as well. Being that I am pregnant again and my children will be 16ish months apart I definitely feel the need to tell "my story" to those who think these things just happen.

DAVs said...

I try to educate too but mostly on the fact that infertility treatments aren't the magic cure for everyone. People's jaws drop when I tell them we've done four IVFs without success and yet I was 32 when we started. And then I have to be so careful, when I meet a new infertile who is just starting with clomid and I tell them that most people WILL find success...it's like I'm caught between two worlds. But, yay for you for the bonding with other ART parents and babies!