29 December 2009


it's awfully quiet around here these days.

I have a call into a professional speech therapist for ginny. at 16 months she is only "saying" (I use this word loosely) 1 word -- dog. or is it dug. when b comes home from hospital ginny gives him a giant smile and she points enthusiastically.
I hand her a hummus and whole wheat sandwich.
I get her tub ready.
it's getting to be a bit unsettling. I have a bunch of friends with children her age and they all have a growing collection of words. one little girl actually says "thank you." I'm not pushing for sentences here I'm simply looking for mama or apple or hi or even a proper dog. I should add that we do get the occasional "uh, oh."

I think her hearing is fine. she signs for milk (the cutest thing EVER!) and signals to brush her teeth. we go through hours of flashcards each day. appppple. cowwwww. flowwwwer. over and over again. nothing.
just "dug."

hopefully after the holiday season someone will call me back and we'll get ginny in to see the specialist. oh man. it's truly always something.

24 December 2009

happy happy!

wishing everyone a joyous new year!

I'm hoping things will settle down in early 2010 so I can find time to post. it's been NUTS! crazy NUTS!