14 June 2010

the good. the bad. the ugly.

the good - all moles and masses are benign. must see the dermatologist every 6 months due to "atypical" results. must have mammogram every 6 months due to calcifications that need to be monitored. good grief.

the bad - tumor and tissue in right boob must come out. it's rare, fast growing and could become malignant if left alone. I'll have surgery next month. the radiologist explained to me that a biopsy alone cannot reveal everything and they are not always correct. good grief.

the ugly - my boob. still all yellow and bruised and I had yet another "growth" removed on the right side after seeing the dermatologist for a follow-up (she wanted more testing done after hearing about the biopsy.) I've been poked and prodded far too many times for my liking. I HATE surgery and I HATE packing to move (for the 6th time.) aside from beautiful ginny, life is pretty ugly right now.

02 June 2010

tick tock

now we sit and wait a little more.

"it's going to sound like a cavity being filled. hold still."

"now it's going to feel like a staple gun. don't move."

all the bizarre sounds and sensations of a biopsy.

after carefully studying last weeks films, dr B concluded that the lump/mass on my left side is just a cyst. hurray! but he also saw "something new" on my right side. crap. so we're still at testing 2 tissue samples. no fun.

each site required a different testing method. one mass is more questionable than the other so extra tissue was needed. after all the "stapling" and "drilling" I have 2 clips (markers) that will forever be a part of me. "don't worry. you won't be setting off any alarms or anything." dr B tells me. that crazy thought never even entered my tired little head. geez.

after 90 minutes of needles and more friggin' mammograms, b and I grabbed a quick breakfast and went home and napped (he was coming off the night shift.) I woke up to a throbbing black and blue boob (the numbing agent had clearly worn off.) so now we carry on like life is normal and hope for the best. lulu still needs to be walked 3 times a day and clients still have deadlines to meet. at this point there's no time or reason to miss a beat. (((gulp.)))

(and mole results come back next thursday.)