18 September 2008

we made contact!

at ginny's 3 week birthday I was finally able to BF! woo hoo! we had a couple brilliant latch-ons and guess what? they didn't hurt! this is very exciting for "mummy" as I am practically reduced to tears every time I mix up a batch of powder formula. hideous stuff. it stinks. literally.

so it only took 3 appointments (2-3 hours each meeting) with a BF specialist (whose practice sees more women than any other in the us.) dr s is a genius! after seeing the damage done to my nipples she said she hadn't seen a case like mine in years! that figures! she actually wanted to photograph my boobs! but we were able to clear up the infection with antibiotic cream and she tackled my major fear and emotional nursing issues. my mission now is to build up my weak milk supply. this won't be easy but I will do what I have to do. this seems to be the theme with our little virginia. nothing is easy and everything requires a bit more work and effort. but she is SOOOOO worth it!

and happy anniversary b! (2 days late.) the poor kid had a birthday and wedding anniversary and he got the big "goose egg" from his wife. oh well. next year. he actually bought me a comfy cozy hoodie for our "cotton anniversary" - year 2. too bad it's made out of polyester.


nickoletta100 said...

oh that is great news!!! So glad she is latching and feeding well! YAY to you for sticking with it and continued trying! You rock!

Aunt Becky said...

Nice work, dude!

AwkwardMoments said...

you can do it! We didnt get a latch until he was 6 weeks! GREAT Job lil girl

Anonymous said...

Your baby is beautiful! Keep up the good work little one!


Joy said...

Congrats!! BFing is going a little better here the last day or two.. he even took a full feeding from the boob once yesterday. It's so hard, though!
I'm taking Fenugreek for my supply and it seems to be helping, though still not great.
Good luck to you guys!