11 October 2008

6 weeks. time management issues


where do the days go when you have a newborn? is 6 weeks still considered a newborn?

most days I don't get to shower until oprah (that's 4 pm here in ct. and I don't even watch oprah.) if I'm lucky I get to brush my teeth for the first time by 11 am. little ginny (at 10 lbs 14 oz) totally runs the house. I have to admit it's been VERY difficult coordinating her feeding/her lack of sleeping/dog walking/grocery shopping/bill paying/dinner making(?)/breast pumping/manual expression/thank you writing (gifts keep coming)/laundry doing/finding time for me to sleep... all I can say is, how do people manage with twins?! impossible!

I have so many topics for my blog just no time to really sit down and update. I start work again on monday. that SUCKS! it will be "part time" for the moment. we really need to find someone who can come into my home and watch ginny for a few hours a day. there is NO way I can focus on a project now and give any client my full attention. that's not right. so how does one go about finding a child care solution? where do you begin looking? who do you trust?

on another note, we just got back from a week in maine. it was bittersweet. I loved LOVED being home with my sisters but the house just wasn't the same. I thought a lot about m and my mom. both would have been so thrilled with virginia (who, mind you, is named after my mom.) the ocean air was glorious -- awesome for sleeping. I was really hoping ginny would experience the effects of the calming atlantic breezes. no such luck. sleeping is such a challenge for her. I mean her sleeping is such a challenge for me.

so here is virginia sporting her new hat (although I'm not so sure she is diggin' the look.) being the only niece in a family of nephews means lots of shopping -- polka dot dresses, flowered onesies, striped tights, leopard print hats! being in maine with all the outlets (hanna andersson rules!) also means lots of shopping. never has there been so much pink in my home. I love it!


AwkwardMoments said...

do you have access to a nanny agency?

I hope his gives you some hope for the future. It magically (at times) just clicks after 3-4 months .. "all of it" most of hte time. I don't know if it was the time alloted for adaptaion or what but it just seems much more managable for me now.

Um that lil girl is PRECIOUS!! Really I think I got a tooth ache looking at her she is sooo sweet!

John B. Kendrick said...

Very cute. You might want to try David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) system. Its easy to get started, and the productivity gains can be enormous.

I've written several posts about my experiences with GTD on my blog at http://johnkendrick.wordpress.com/how-to-gtd/ John

DAVs said...

That's an adorable hat! Glad she's getting spoiled.
Sorry you have to go back to work already :(
I think you're hitting a critical point where schedules will just magically start getting easier. At least that's what all my fertile friends have always told me--six weeks was a turning point for them. Hope it is for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Amen. To all of it. Some days i don't change or brush my teeth! It has to get easier...eventually!

Anonymous said...

Too cute- and she's definitely getting bigger!

Joy said...

This is a terrible thing to say, but I'm kind glad I'm not the only one with a newborn that doesn't sleep.
I'm a member of a preemie board and the other day there was a big post about "When will they stay awake?!" and I wanted to slug every person on it.

Even now, I'm typing this to you at 3:47AM. Robbie's been awake since about 11.
The evaluaters ask if he "can" stay awake for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

I will say that he's getting to where he'll sleep longer periods of time in the morning (since he usually doesn't fall asleep well until around dawn) so I can get more than an hour's sleep at a time one a day most days.

Overall, it's exhausting. And yes.. I can't imagine twins. Or single moms. I just don't understand.

David told me he's going out of town for 2 days next week and I seriously almost cried.

Good luck balancing it all!

nora said...

she is so daggone adorable! i hope work is going okay :(
it does get easier..as a mom of 5 month old twins. i have even started taking 2 showers most days because of the nice coating of drool, spit up, pee and yes, even poop that has been caked on me all day :)