09 November 2008

she did it! I did it!

she slept through the night! not once but twice! the first time I tucked her in comfy cozy (our little burrito baby) around 10 pm. b was on call and she and I set up camp downstairs due to strong paint fumes (long story) in the bedroom. lulu and I curled up on the couch and slept soundly until... 5:45 am! a record!

the next night was even better. ginny went to bed again at 10 pm and woke up after 6 am! mama is verrrrry happy! a bit more rested and very happy.

what did I do? I wore a pair of pre-preg pants! even though I couldn't button them I was able to get my flabby pp ass into a decent pair of pants. b and I went to a dinner party saturday night and I actually, sort of, looked like my old self. I had my hair cut and colored and I was sporting mascara AND lipstick. man... it felt good.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, those are both HUGE accomplishments!

I can't get my prepreg pants even over my thighs even though I'm less than 10lbs over my pp weight. Oh well.

What a great sleeper! Jasper sleeps from about 8-8 and I wake him once to dream feed.. but he screams all night in gas pain so it's not like I'm getting any sleep while he's sleeping! Poor little guy.

Hillary said...

A sleeping baby AND pp pants? You are one spectacular momma!

nickoletta100 said...

good job ginny and good job mommy!!!

DAVs said...

Yay for some sense of normalcy--that is, in your completely "new normal" world that is Ginny!
And be easy on yourself..I've always heard "9 months up, 9 months down."

Joy said...