02 February 2009

another step backwards

for us infertiles.

I wish the media would get it straight! geez louise! (I'm working on my potty mouth. I don't want ginny's first words to be "fucking checkbook.") the idiotic newscasters continue to say "implant" embryos instead of the correct term "transfer" embryos. no, the octuplets were not a result of IVF and implanting 8 embryos. not all transfered embryos IMPLANT people! grrrrrrr.

so here we go again. we are forced to defend IVF and try to teach the public how the process works (when done "correctly.")

IVF 101 -
embryos (usually 1 - 2) are transfered into the uterus with the hope that one will implant and develop into a fetus and ultimately a baby.

dumbass with access to fertility drugs 101 -
my theory on the octuplets? I believe the woman took stims on her own. she clearly responded well to the meds and developed many follicles. any intelligent RE would either cancel the IUI/TI or convert to IVF so he/she had some "control." an u/s would obviously indicate numerous follies. nobody (a responsible professional) would transfer 8 embryos or do an IUI with the potential of producing such a large number of eggs. that's bullshit. this woman already has 6 kids so she's proven she's "kinda" fertile. I think she took the meds with no supervision, hence multiple fertilized eggs (who knows, maybe 15) and the implantation of 8 embryos. idiot.


Joy said...

I certainly HOPE she's full of shit. If a doctor really did this, he should have his license yanked.

As for her.. I'm SO infuriated. Beyond the fact that she can't support her 14 children.. I KNOW the hell those kids are going through in the NICU. And she DID IT ON PURPOSE. I wouldn't cross the street to spit on her.

AwkwardMoments said...

I have had to explain these exact same things over and over again to only hear "no, she really did do IVF" ..... I am tired of explaining why there has to be more to the story

DAVs said...

Yes, this is a huge step back for infertiles everywhere.
I work in a medical office (regular endocrinology) as an advanced practice nurse. One of the drug reps was going on and on and on about this, about how these 'desperate women' get their docs to implant 8-10 embryos. At that point, I unleashed. I said "You know what? That's simply not true. And I should know. I've done it four times myself." And she just stood their, her mouth agape. And then she uncomfortably asked if it ever worked. I managed to choke out a "no" and then got up and left. People make me crazy. If REs knew how to implant an embryo I'd be pregnant now instead of stuck in IF hell.

Eb said...

Since the news broke I have been asked the following "so, don't you feel like your shopping for a baby", "doesn't it feel somewhat creepy - growing your baby artificially" "You might not want 8 babies but you can't deny that you're intentions are similar to that women"

Yesterday I thought up a great answer "Just as you self medicate with alcohol, she most probably self medicated with infertility drugs. In both cases there's a lot of shit around"

usually does the trick