26 May 2009

yet another crapola birthday


I told b a few weeks ago that all I wanted for my birthday was the opportunity to sleep in and some long overdue, full-on foot pampering (aka professional $25 pedicure.) don't spend any money. we need to save the few funds that we have.

I woke up sunday morning and practically begged b to get up with ginny. it was 6:30 am. after a lot of sighing and exaggerated yawns he reluctantly changed the baby and took her downstairs for breakfast. man! what drama! how could I possibly go back to sleep and enjoy it? (happy friggin' birthday p.)

9 am, I go downstairs. b and ginny are on the couch watching tv. nobody takes notice of the birthday girl. the coffee pot is cold and empty.

"should we hit the basement first?" I ask while making the coffee. today is a HUGE packing day. we plan out our strategy. moving bites.

"um, aren't you going to wish me a happy birthday?"

"oh yeah. you beat me to it." LAME! (happy friggin' birthday p.)

so I spent the entire day in the dark basement weeding through crap, shuffling around more crap and filling boxes with other crap. horrible. however... I knew that later on we'd have a sitter (the third time since august), we had reservations at a nice restaurant AND we were going to scalp tickets for david cook (I pathetically admit -- my silly cougar crush.) things were looking up. woo hoo! pack, shower, david cook! (did I really say that out loud?)

then b's blackberry rang. SHIT! this usually means it's (a) his charming mother or (b) the hospital. any way you look at it I lose. big time.

it was (b.) and it was a transplant. (happy friggin' birthday p.)

so he canceled the reservations and I sulked -- heavily! I opened up my card from b and checked out the gift certificate. hmmmmm. urban outfitters. since when did they start catering to the geriatric set? geez. I haven't shopped there since high school. I then poured myself a glass of wine, looked at my hideous toes and neglected feet and watched the local tornado warnings on tv. yikes! there was a good chance I'd be spending more time in the basement today.

b arrived home early monday morning. the long overnight transplant was a huge success. the 42 year old woman got a new heart and a brand new start on life. fantastic! happy birthday to her!


Aunt Becky said...

My birthday has been a huge depressing disappointment for the past 3 years. It's rapidly approaching and I'm thinking of honestly just going into hiding for the day. It beats feeling like shit because no one cares.

Aunt Becky said...

And happy birthday to you. I'm sorry it sucks.

nickoletta100 said...

Happy birthday P. Sorry it sucked. Hug your little Ginny, she'll be saying happy birthday to you in no time!

KandiB said...

Happy Birthday despite the miserable day. We're glad you're here!

BTW - I pretty much have to plan my birthday every year or be disappointed. I finally got it through to thickheaded husband that he has to get a card (and it shouldn't be one from a c-store with a stupid joke on it). Sigh.

Moving sucks big time. Sorry you have to do it ;)

AwkwardMoments said...

So a Happy Friggin Birthday is in order huh! Sorry it was not so happy and lots of friggin

DAVs said...

Oh man. I'm sorry you're birthday turned out so....sub-par.
Maybe you can celebrate your birthday+one week and do something even grander?