07 October 2009

2 turntables and a microphone

b has been working the dreaded nightshift again. when we don't see dada for a week this mama has no time to post. I'm still slowly nibbling away at my thank you notes list from ginny's birthday. "down time" is a luxury these days.

so I finally enrolled ginny in the much anticipated music class. after a lot of research I found an affordable option. dude, it's crazy to think that $245 is "affordable!" yes, it's a hike to get there. yes, it's more than PACKED. yes, it's filled with disinterested nannies and pushy moms. and yes, all the instruments are tired and/or broken. but $245 -- score!

ginny LOVED her trial class at the other place so I was very excited to find this deal. but guess what? she HATES it! today was class number 3 and she cried (full-on tears and major frown face) most of the time. a little boy pummeled her to the ground during a cure tune. seriously, who plays just like heaven in a class for toddlers? did I date this guy in college?

so after 45 minutes I packed up my very unhappy child and got the hell outta there. the little girl in polka dot tights, ruffled denim skirt and red puffy eyes. will we go back and try it again? I'm not so sure. like they say "3 strikes you're out!" all of a sudden $245 for 3 very disappointing classes doesn't seem like such a bargain.



akoto said...

Aww, I am sorry to hear this new place isn't working out as well. That's really strange about their choice in tunes...

AwkwardMoments said...

my husband has been on night shift for about 4 months now..it sucks and I hate it. I can relate. I am sorry

DAVs said...

Ha! Just Like Heaven. Oh yeah.
They need to be listening to Mr. Leebot. 80s BUT appropriate for kiddos. Seriously...I need to hire him a decent PR person, as his PR folks basically sucked.

Sorry about the night shift.

And you should post a pic of Ginny in that outfit--sounds so adorable!