31 January 2007

my fallopian tubes have let me down!

I have wanted to do this blog for some time now. this is both revealing and empowering. it is therapeutic for me (even though I clearly cannot type.) no doubt I will offend someone with a post one of these days. I apologize in advance. all sarcasm aside, "so sorry."

today is a quiet day and I am gearing up for my bilateral tubal removal surgery tommorow. I sit here typing when I really should be grocery shopping and vacuuming. with friends and the dog walker coming in and out, the apartment should be clean (I use this word loosely) and organized. I am most concerned about the bathrooms and the giant wads of pug hair collecting in every corner. you'd think chilli was the size of a small horse. the minute I start thinking about the procedure I get nauseated. I think it is best to do a little shopping online, poke around the nest.com (maybe even harass a 19 year old newlywed) and torture myself with infertility websites and their dismal statistics. I love the web. I hate the web.

do you think when my tubes are removed I will weigh less? I am really not keen on the idea of waking up from anesthesia with a 6" horizontal incision. dr k said this is a possibility and that scares the sh!t out of me. he also told me that post-op I should expect to feel like a car hit me. good times. b (DH) and I removed my belly ring last night with a pair of pliers in preparation for the laproscopic camera. I had that piercing for over 10 years! shocking! b suggested I get another tattoo. I agreed. it is sort of the end of an era if you will. we now start the IVF journey. oh god.

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