31 January 2007

the other man in my life

just came by for a visit. I love him.

the ups guy. he is sporting a banana republic box. rock and roll! I am guilty of a depression inspired shopping binge. I found it completely necessary to purchase an awesome $175 bag (not including two $25 rewards cards AND free shipping -- $125 total) that I don't need and obviously cannot afford. mind you, I just gave b a hard time because he wanted to buy a bluetooth headset for his mobile so he can safely drive and chat. "are you crazy? we need that money for IVF! do realize what this is going to cost us?! at least I know that the funds (or lack of) will be in such a cool bag.

I am shocked my boy doesn't have another package for me. no more wedding gifts? it seems like I receive a daily barnesandnoble.com addition to my personal infertility library. at this point I feel like I can teach this stuff. b and I have occasional reproductive physiology arguments. yes, he did go to medical school but if anyone knows and understands all about the uterus, the fallopian tubes and ovaries, IT'S ME!

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