09 March 2009

first trip to nyc

it went beautifully! ginny was such a trooper and she did incredibly well. we're so proud of her.

unfortunately we missed out on seeing my buddy john and his band at joes' pub -- sold out! good for him, bad for us. supposedly he is a real rock star with the toddler set. I cannot wait for ginny to get old enough to take music lessons from him.

brunch was great (although very $$) and it was awesome to see everyone. we are REALLY looking forward to moving back. I cannot wait!

here is ginny with her pal mika (born 1 week before our little one.)

and here is uncle mike. ginny was diggin' him (and the bamboo tree.)


KandiB said...

Ahhhh...how I miss "the city." So good that you're introducing young Ginny at a nice,early age.

Love the hat! I want one! What a sweetie.

Eb said...

Oh wow, Ginny looks so cute! She looks like a really lovely person.

AwkwardMoments said...

Honestly! I can not get enough of your beautiful Daughter.
AH it must be so amazing to live that close to NYC

Yolen said...

Oh, what a cutie!!!

So you are moving back to NYC? What part? I'm across the River from Manhattan in Jersey City :D.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're moving back to NYC? What did I miss???