31 January 2007

things you should not say to someone TTC

I am on a number of TTC (trying to conceive) websites and message boards. it's universal. we all hate these statements.

1 - "just r e l a x"

2 - "if you can't get pregnant you can always have one of my kids" - now imagine uncomfortable and awkward laughter. yes, your 7 year old was irritable and destructive yesterday and you are upset with him, but this is not funny.

3 - "I have a friend whose cousin's, nephew's, cleaning lady's, neighbor's dentist saw on oprah a story from CNN about a couple who adopted a child from russia and THEN the wife got pregnant naturally." if I had a dime for every time heard this story, our treatments would be paid for.

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cookingdani said...

I'm hoping you come through your procedure safely...I noticed your blog via the fertilityfriend site. I had a tubal reversal last May, but no bfp yet. I have 2 children, but dh and I are hoping for one together. We've been married for 5 fantastic years so far.

Sending hugs and best wishes for your IVF!