03 February 2007

the pain! the pain!

it's been 2 days since my bilateral salpingectomy. not fun. I am "fine" (and very tired and very dopey) as long as my medications are working. once they wear off, ohhhh, excruciating knife-like PAIN! the kind of pain where you cannot move and it hurts to breath. all you can do is just hope the meds kick in quickly. I woke up at 5 am with multiple daggers in my belly. it took 1 HOUR (I repeat 1 HOUR) for my assorted pills to take effect. b was sound asleep, comfy cozy, grinding his teeth and snoring. I wanted to punch him in the back. I wanted him to suffer a little (not nice, I know.) the poor guy was post-call and sleep deprived BUT so what!

I am done for the day.

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