09 February 2007

post-op appointment

I met with dr k yesterday. he was very happy with the results of my surgery. good to hear. I mentioned some chronic soreness and tightness in my belly. he proceeded to beat me up because I was no longer, by choice, taking any pain medication. duh. I took 6 advil when I got home. I felt like a million bucks! actually, a tired 100,000 bucks.

dr k showed me these amazing photos of both my tubes. they made me squirm. he seemed impressed with his photography skills. my thought? stick with medicine. "normally I would give my patient their pictures but I would like to hold onto these." no argument there. "keep them! please! I told b about what I saw. "I would really like to have those." he tells me, clearly disappointed. I can see it now. nestled among my wedding photos and pictures of the dogs, my mom, my family, there it is. framed. my bilateral hydrosalpinx.

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