13 February 2007


the ring is staying.

I busted DH last night (2 days before valentine's day) trying to buy me jewelry online. he had 5 minutes (5:55 pm) to place his order and have guaranteed valentine's delivery. nice. I glanced over at him (5:57 pm) and it looked like he had a black and white image of an egg being injected with a needle. I swear! "ooooh. what is that?" I'm thinking WOW! he's finally showing some interest in all of this. "why are you so nosy? it's a necklace and it was supposed to be a gift." well it is now past 6 pm. you lose. actually, I lose.

the weirdest thing about this is that he didn't really look carefully at the design. I think it was a last minute (literally) frantic purchase. "what can I get for under $75?" anyway, it was circular pendant with an abstract pattern on it. come to find out, the design was the word "mom" repeated over and over and spelled out in different languages.

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