04 February 2007

it starts with a $5 bill and 3 singles

debit card transaction 1: begins with the purchase of a low budget basal thermometer from rite aid. – $8

I had the 6 am morning ritual of taking my temp and charting the results. the problem with the generic thermometer was that it wasn't reliable. I ended up splurging on a more sophisticated version which had a memory function AND it glowed. cool. – $14

debit card transaction 2: the fancy thermometer was not sufficient. I proceeded to purchase a single month OPK (ovulation prediction kit) from CVS. each day started with the temperature taking then POAS (peeing on a stick.) – $21

debit card transaction 3: saveontests.com. I placed a giant order of OPKs and HPTs. you can't beat the savings when buying in bulk. but really, who needs 7 dozen test strips? I subscribed to fertilityfriend.com (for a fee of course) to keep track of and analyze my CDs (cycle days.) – $55 and $16.95

debit card transaction 4: I moved on to the highly recommended CBEFM (Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor.) EVERYONE on BOTB (babies on the brain message board) gets pregnant the first month using it. I am psyched! not only does it detect the LH surge, it reveals your estrogen levels. now THAT sounds serious. I can't possibly "fail" now. I figure I'd rather spend our funds investing in high quality ovulation predictor devices instead of costly ART (assisted reproductive technology.) – $132 on ebay, NIB, plus 30 free test strips. BARGAIN!

bank loan 1: the surgery bill has not come in yet. big bucks no doubt.

bank loan 2: IVF invoice due on 23 feb 07. $9,215.00 plus $750 for anesthesia.

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