16 February 2007

the lingo

while walking home (in frigid 16 degrees temperature) from my cranky morning dogwalk, I watched a woman pathetically try to parallel park. she obviously has never lived in mahattan. good lord! she had 100 feet in front and in back of her. over and over she tried. while watching (and chuckling, which I don't normally do in the morning because of the "cruel no caffeine rule") I noticed one of those ubiquitous, white, oval, european stickers on the back of her subaru. yes, she and I share the same car (mine's newer) and she's making it look bad! the sticker said "CM." in my circle "CM" means cervical mucus.

we constantly talk about CM on the TTC message boards like we are talking about the weather. "it's 16 degrees out and my CM..."

I guess it is possible to find some humor in this giant mess.

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Anonymous said...

Yep your thoughts are pretty standard regarding the IVF process. Wow the price has gone up. We tried three times and it was only $6K per try in 1985 to 1987.

We do have friends that live in York, ME that had two successful IVF cycles.

Hang in there1