09 February 2007

a thou g ht on desi gn (and grammar)

please, please, PLEASE do not think the layout of this site reflects my design style, sense of taste or creative vision. it is a generic format that's cumbersome and has limited options. it also does not come with an editor who knows how to spell and write sentences good. I mean well.

don't even get me started on the letterspacing. this reminds me of a story of a guy I dated years ago. his job was in production and he often created the mechanical files for my work. he was very skilled in what he did but his use of type was, on occasion, heavy handed. I stupidly told him one day that I appreciated his work but could he possibly be a little more "type sensitive?" good lord! you'd think I 'd attacked his character! we were together for many years and that particular term "type sensitive" came up again and again to haunt me. lesson learned? choose your words (and your typefaces) carefully and never bring up the subject of letterspacing!

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Anonymous said...

Well said.