14 February 2007

where's the logic?

WOW. my belly is super crampy. I have had this pain for the last 2 days. should I be concerned?

I'd ask b but he is surrounded by serious illness all day every day. one of his patients just had a perforated bowel repaired after she was recovering from an ovarian cancer operation. this poor woman had recently gone through treatment for a cancerous brain tumor. it sounds terribly familiar.

I'd ask dr k. but he is too hard to get in touch with. you'd think spending $15,000 would guarantee excellent customer service. "can I please speak with your supervisor?"

why is it that when I had those sickly fallopian tubes I felt normal and fine? now that they are gone and out of my life, I feel like crap. total crap! shouldn't it be the other way around?

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