27 February 2007


some good news for a change. my mortgage broker just called and my credit report "is good." a tiny bit above average actually. this is fantastic considering I had my identity stolen way before it was cool. such the trend setter. I have been meaning to follow up with my credit score for a long time to see if there were any more "lingering" fraudulent accounts. it just seems like every single time I contact experian, equifax or transunion I go completely insane with frustration. trying to clear your name with angry creditors is a tedious and hideous task. a full time job. "honest! it was NOT ME who wrote a fake $120 check to Hobby Lobby in a suburb of chicago. I am NOT a fan of scrapbooking, artificial flower arranging or tie dye. yes I knit but the yarns they sell are crap!"

now DH and I can move forward in our search for a condo in new haven.
- face reality and come to terms with sketchy credit report. check.

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