01 March 2007

finally! again

I actually spoke to my IVF coordinator after days and days of unreturned phone calls. the woman was on my shitlist and I was gearing up to find another fertility clinic. all I needed to know was what sort of meds schedule they had lined up for me this month. that's it! no details needed. I'll get all the specifics this saturday during my $200 IVF class. they better be serving a kickass lunch at that price. "please pass the lobster with truffle sauce. another mimosa would be lovely, thanks."

I start BCPs on saturday 3 march (my mom's birthday) to "quiet" my ovaries and control my cycle. I stop taking them on 26 march and begin the injections 4 days later. then the daily office visits begin. my protocol is "very aggressive" dr k tells me. we have to make sure my ovaries are not overstimulated because then you risk losing all the eggs we worked so hard to get. if that should happen the cycle ends right then and there. that thought sickens me. bad thought! go away!

after 8-12 days of injections (literally 2 shopping bags full) RMA will perform the egg retrieval and then the ICSI. I am terrified, excited, anxious. where's the other man in my life when I need him? my $24 meditation cd better be on the UPS truck for delivery this afternoon.

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