09 March 2007

tuesdays 9 pm

House. I love that show (and this comes from someone who steers clear from any tv medical series.) I have enough talk of urine output, blood clots and acute bowel obstructions in my home life. I was however, very upset with this week's episode because dr h was supposedly dying from brain cancer. I know from experience how devastating this disease can be. even fictional characters that get a brain tumor Dx distress me. how could that show possibly survive and be any good if he died? now what am I supposed to watch after Idol? what a drag!

wilson had some pretty thoughtful lines in this episode. he talked about depression and cancer (or any other illness.) people who are sick and may be dying suffer less depression when surrounded by support – family and friends. it's usually not the disease that makes people unhappy and depressed. it's the idea and fear of being alone.

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