04 March 2007

"insert straight into skin until needle disappears"

I survived the IVF 101 class even though there were no refreshments or snacks. DH was late which was no surprise. I sat across from the nurse for 20 minutes trying to make small talk all the while glancing at the syringes lined up on her desk. "would you mind removing those please? that's not helping."

I don't know why I took notes like crazy because I cannot read my own handwriting. as I reviewed my scribbling last night nothing made sense. "KEEP NEEDLE STERILE!!! BACTERIA! INFECTION!" is all I can really decipher. I'm thrilled because I can now finally utilize DH's medical training. I am so glad I didn't marry someone in hedge funds right now. I am scheduled to mix at least 5 different syringe recipes over the course of my stims. "18 gauge, 1 cc, sub-Q, IM." enough of the medical speak. I design logos for a living remember? I kept asking b "are you remembering all of this?" the nurse kept asking me "are you ok?" honestly," NO, I am NOT ok!" 2 self inflicted needle wounds a day every day, I'm sorry, makes me uneasy. I found it difficult not to make heroin jokes.

is there a gift registry at RMA? we added yet another procedure to our wishlist. AH -- assisted hatching. the embryologists anticipate needing to lend our embryos a hand before transfer. this of course comes at a cost. whatever. we signed numerous consent forms. who would care for our frozen embryos if b and I should die? we talked about what to expect. ovaries the size of grapefruit doesn't sound comfortable. I made a quick stop (for IVF purposes only) at tj maxx on my way home to buy giant sized sweatpants. I needed that black top as well to complete my "bloat outfit." that little silver necklace with light blue beads is awfully cute. b could really use yet another black shirt. where's the check out?


Anonymous said...

Finally got to read the blog in its entirety. Despite your protestations, it is well written and does give me a better glimpse into what's up with you. I seriously do not know if I would be holding up as well considering the amount of stress and anxiety that goes along with all this. Glad you shared the blog with me. As you know, all my fingers are crossed and my hopes are with you. I'll wish on as many stars I can find- or whatever other luck producing ritual there is.

On another note: I've got to see that bag!

A.M.S. said...

Oooooh! IVF bloat clothes! I hadn't thought of that. Easter weekend sales, here I come!

As for injections class, I had to go by myself! At the time, I was only going to be doing follistim and ovidrel and I still almost fainted when she got to the PIO demonstration. Now that we're 36 hours away from the first lupron shot ever, all I can think about is how much I'm gonna hate those PIO's! In my three IUI/Injects cycles, I think I only gave myself four shots. DH had to do the rest so I could cover my eyes and think of my happy place.

Found you through the Emblopedia, btw. Gonna go read the rest of your posts now!