06 March 2007

13 degrees and windy

time is of the essence. time is not on my side.

this morning I was scheduled to deliver DH's time and temperature sensitive second sample for additional testing at the clinic. I was handed the crucial plastic cup at 7:30 am and I had to get the goods to RMA no later than 8:15. the obstacles were (a) rush hour commuter traffic and school buses (b) 13 degrees not including the wind chill factor. what to do, what to do. I put the cup wrapped in plastic in my bra then put on a turtleneck, polar fleece vest, 4 foot wool scarf and a giant down coat. it was a bizarre sight. I had a huge single lump protruding from my chest. I ran like hell to my car strategically holding my bag in order to hide my obvious weird profile. "morning! I'm late!" I screech to the guys hanging outside the hardware store. I reached my car completely out of breath and starting it was another challenge. MAN! it's so friggin' cold! THEN I tried to put on the seatbelt. cars are not designed for people with plastic cups in their underwear. I'm off! I drove like a lunatic screaming around corners and through yellow/red lights while dodging all the lexus SUVs (official car of westchester county.) don't people use blinkers anymore? it's so annoying. people drive like crap. I kept getting stuck behind the mass transit buses. "hurry up dumbass! get on the stupid bus! I've got an important delivery!" when driving with a plastic cup in your bra while wearing a seatbelt it is hard to turn your head. I didn't want to crush or dislodge the cup so I drove like I was wearing a neck brace. I couldn't look to my left or my right. not safe, I know, but I was on a mission. by the time I reached the medical office, chatted with security, found parking in the garage, took the first elevator, got inside the building, took the second elevator to dr k's I was sweating. I delivered our precious cargo at 8:20. only five minutes late.

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