21 March 2007

it's spring

I have two key appointments tomorrow. the first is the dreaded mammogram. with pms. with sore boobs. the second is with the vet. the dogs are having blood drawn so their doctor can check the kidneys. dr r doesn't want to "take any chances" because I am not sure how many potentially contaminated cans we have gone through. and I always thought the dogs ate better than I did.

after acupuncture today I had to pick up another pack of birth control pills. I am totally pissed because I paid $29 for literally 3 pills! my current pack ends on friday and my RE has instructed me to stop on monday. it's all about controlling my cycle but at $9.66 a pill I feel completely out of control.

b and I just celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary. wow! like they say, time flies when you are having fun. so this is fun? I cannot say our first 6 months as newlyweds have been ideal. because (a) I don't fit into b's work schedule and (b) having double the infertility challenge has been a huge drag. most newlyweds start out by setting up house, choosing new paint colors, and entertaining with all the new crystal and serving pieces. DH and I stress about finances and moving, worry about our reproductive challenges, and visit with nobody. I hope the next 6 months are a little easier and more enjoyable. isn't spring all about fresh starts and new beginnings?

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