14 March 2007

morning ritual continued

yesterday, after a few unpleasant and heated conversations resulting in tears, I gave up trying to get answers or explanations from our insurance company. nobody in any department (each with their own phone number and long wait) could give me a reason as to why I cannot get approval for my meds. I even learned that we may not receive any reimbursement at all for anything IVF related. are you kidding me?!

I leashed up the dogs and went out to get my car. I was flustered and needed to be out of the apartment. we were headed up to the trails for a much needed long and peaceful walk. after starting the engine, I opened my glorious sunroof. it was 68 degrees and sunny. and then... no joke... there he was.

roughly 5 feet directly above me, in the branches, was the cardinal. and he was singing.

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nickoletta100 said...

oh wow, I would have started weeping right there. How did you ever hold it together?