26 March 2007

weekends are for relaxing

saturday sucked.
letter #1 - as expected, I heard from the mammogram boobs and guess what? they need additional films. really! you mean to tell me the tech didn't do her job just quite right? surprise, surprise.

letter #2 - a collection agency wrote requesting I pay the $607.56 to First National Bank that is long past due. well you know what? I don't and never did have an account with First National Bank. this can only mean one thing. my identity has been stolen AGAIN.

I freaked out and contacted american express. I had saved a mailing from them claiming, as a valued customer, I had access to their "identity theft assistance" program. the woman I spoke with -- not too bright. I asked her very politely if I could speak with someone else. she wouldn't accept that. I said I would hold for however long necessary. nope. she wouldn't stop talking. "please, please, I need to speak with another person." again, she went on and on and would not shut up. "what part of my request don't you understand?" eventually I got a supervisor who was less than sympathetic. "identity theft assistance" only applies to stolen amex cards. what kind of lame assistance is that?

my phone rang this morning at 9 am. it was the amex supervisor calling to apologize. what?! seriously? he said after reviewing my conversation with the woman, he felt I was owed an apology. he also said, after some research, there are other departments within "identity theft assistance" that could possibly help me. how could a supervisor in "identity theft assistance" not know about those other departments? is this program new? anyway, I could tell the man felt terrible. he even apologized for not having more information at the time of my call. wow. I thanked him for calling "I appreciate it." he thanked me for being a "valued customer." hell, yeah. I better be more than valued. I just put over $12,000 on my credit card.

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