15 March 2007

nonstop finger pointing

I am in the middle of trying to comprehend what is actually going on with my insurance company. so far I have "not been approved" for anything "IVF." when I initially called months ago they said YES they do indeed cover (at 75%) "some of an IVF treatment." well this is VERY different from being approved for "some of an IVF treatment." coverage does not mean I am covered. huh?

"do you think I am doing IVF for the fun of it?!" I asked the dope in the benefits department. how can we not possibly be approved? I'm lacking fallopian tubes for crying out loud. DH has about 37 swimmers and they're slow. we are the picture of infertility! and why are we having this conversation NOW?

the clinic blames the insurance company claiming they have provided the necessary paperwork. the insurance company has received nothing and blames dr k. the satellite office (dr k) blames the main office (nyc) stating the billing department is responsible for approvals. the main office blames the satellite office because they don't have access to dr k's records. the pharmacist blames the insurance company. the insurance company blames the clinic. I blame them all for screwing up and making me crazy.

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