10 March 2007

spring forward

who had the brilliant (full-on sarcasm) idea to change daylight savings? my sister j mentioned this recently and I was shocked I knew nothing about it. actually, this doesn't surprise me. these days any information that is not in my "the couple's guide to in vitro fertilization" or "the infertility survival guide" is not all that important.

on another note, we just found a second home! a pied e tierre in convenient midtown manhattan. our frozen embryos (if we should have any) will live on madison and 59th street. so when b and I move to the slums of new haven (all we can afford now) our embryos will have a nyc address. nice. embryo cryopreservation ($1000 a year rent) has just been added to our RMA gift registry. no more wedding presents! just RMA gift cards.

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