19 March 2007

a heartfelt thanks

I have received many emails, private messages and posts on some of the message boards I hang out on. I am amazed (well, actually, not really) at the number of women that feel the same as I do. we are all experiencing this same infertility roller coaster. this terrifying ride that we have in common and basically share in silence. the world talks openly and freely about heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes. talk of infertility is hush hush. I am certainly no writer. I design consumer packaging (branding) and ultimately contribute to our landfills. such the hypocrite, I know. my daily rants are sincere and therapeutic. they are blatantly bitter, sad, occasionally hopeful and always riddled with sarcasm. I know you can all relate. that feels good.

so, thank you for all the kind messages and words of encouragement. even support from an anonymous person is meaningful. I think b is happy and relieved that I have a place to vent. he is grateful for all of my cyber communities. I am grateful for the support and I am thrilled that my typing skills have improved. even if just a little.

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