07 March 2007

OUCH! that really hurts

what is wrong with people? we have about 27 snowflakes in the air and this ridiculous town I live in freaks out. I literally just burned my hands while trying to throw away a bag of inhumane rock salt in front of my building. man, that BURNS and I don't even have any open wounds. I am so sick and tired of watching our 2 dogs limp in agony up the sidewalk when there is even a hint of snow in the forecast. lulu once screeched a sound of pure pain that I couldn't believe came from her little (I mean stocky) body. there is not even enough snow at the moment to shovel and people are out there throwing salt in celebration like its rice at a wedding or confetti. "hurray! no shoveling! now let's burn the dog's paws!"

"take it easy!" when we have weather I suggest you leave your suede prada pumps or cole haan loafers at home and put on a pair of old school LLbean boots. they're good stuff. I should know, I'm from maine. better yet, if the idea of snow puts you into such a state of panic move to one of the southern states. the unnecessary pain inflicted on innocent 4 legged creatures out for a walk is heartbreaking to witness.

speaking of paws, I am off now to get an indulgent(?) $20 pedicure (clearly not high end) so I can relax and temporarily remove myself from all the infertility stresses. I haven't had a professional one since right before my wedding in september. over five months ago! some pampering is long overdue.

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