12 March 2007

the irony

contrary to my previous post, I have not gone back to drinking wine. I consume maybe one glass of red a week now and it's only because of the antioxidants. this weekend while on a marathon dog walk I passed my boys at the local wine store. over time I became very friendly with derek and the other guy. the skinny guy with the glasses. what's his name? they were conveniently located on my dog route and I would stop in now and again because... they like dogs. they were shocked to see me on saturday because I haven't been by in quite some time. I had to convince them both that I haven't been shopping elsewhere. anyway, derek told me about his 8 month pregnant wife and that everyone assumed I was pregnant because of my lack of visits. nope, sorry, I'm not. I then fessed up. derek didn't know what to say. instead he packed up a complimentary bottle of organic red wine and said "best of luck to you."

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