07 February 2007

no such thing as a coincidence

I am exhausted. my session with angela this morning was tiring -- physically and emotionally. I went to my appointment weepy to begin with and it was the first time driving since the operation. after our surgical chat she went on to tell me a story. she said how she was deeply moved when she heard my initial voicemail requesting an appointment for fertility acupuncture. her last client, literally, in california had struggled with IF for many years. she recalls their first visit together. "I am here hoping you can help me get pregnant. I want to have a girl and her name will be Patience." angela and the woman went through 2 rounds of IVF. the second one was "successful" but ended up as an ectopic pregnancy. over time, they went through 2 more cycles. angela then moved to new york to start a new practice. this past thanksgiving she received a call from napa valley. Patience was born.

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