13 February 2007

thanks for asking

I ran into someone yesterday on one of my 3 daily dog walks. I don't care for him right now. when he asked how I was feeling I mentioned some soreness and the constant achiness in my belly.

"why do you even want to have kids?" he thinks he's being funny. "you should just have more dogs. spend 30 bucks every month for food (not with the brands I buy), they love you unconditionally, you don't have to pay for higher education..." he went on and on. he then got started on his idiotic 35 year old nephew that STILL lives at home. yeah, no argument there. I agree the nephew is a stupid jackass, I met him. I also met both of his parents. I think they are even more annoying. whatever. this was an awkward, inappropriate and rather hurtful statement. did he notice I wasn't laughing? did he notice me walking away from him? I need to add this to my list of things NOT to say to someone TTC. #4 - "just get more dogs."
next time I'll keep my mouth shut and say "everything is fine. thanks for asking."

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