19 September 2007

"new RE dr d"

is the man! he is everything (and more) that I had hoped for. I really believe that if someone out there can get us pregnant, it's "new RE dr d." b and I are FINALLY in the proper hands. experienced hands. hands that are sensitive to poor responders with sperm challenged husbands. all those persistent (no doubt very annoying) phone calls and desperate emails paid off. like mum always used to say "the squeaky wheel.."

there will be no (I repeat NO) bcps used next cycle. he suggested co-culture! that was music to my ears. I have been fantasizing and dreaming of co-culture from the minute I walked into cornell's super fancy suite. "new RE dr d" was actually a bit more hopeful than I imagined he would be. he has had successes with women like me. he just got a 43.5 year old woman pregnant! I have been lurking on an IVF board and watching her situation closely. she finally got her BFP. it's awesome.

we feel an enormous sense of relief. we are moving onward and upward -- making progress. I'm breathing again!


AwkwardMoments said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent news!!

squarepeg said...

Woohoo! After such frustrating cycles before, it must be nice to feel a renewed sense of hope. I'm SO glad that it went as well as you'd hoped!

...As for good beer soon... I'm ALL for that - unless of course the new Dr. D isn't so keen on it :)

nickoletta100 said...

YAY!!!! A new RE!!! Such wonderful news. So glad you met him and he was receptive and no more BCP's!!!