27 October 2007

blogfree week

whew. it's been a nutty week with a lot going on and super needy clients. 7 days when I didn't get a chance to post or read up on all my peeps. I have a lot of catching up to do.

reproductively, things have been slow. just tons of waiting. and waiting. what else is new? I do however have my co-culture appointment(s) scheduled. 14 and 15 november. the first day I give a TON of blood and the next morning I'll have the procedure. oh joy. it happens to coincide with b's 2 day conference in the city. we plan on spending one night at a hotel. woo hoo! like a little vacation! a little vacation where they take out a chunk of your uterus.


I started knitting again. that's big news. I'm working on giant needles with dense, chunky yarn. I need instant gratification.

I saved a dog! we rescued a stray off of a very busy street. he was literally running straight towards I 95 from downtown new haven. straight into the worst traffic one can imagine. after luring the poor puppy with a baguette -- bait, fresh sourdough bait, we got him safely into the car and to the local animal shelter. he had one blue eye and one brown eye. we called him bowie. he was beautiful! (and awfully stinky.) of course I wanted to keep him. we all know that's completely out of the question.


an old client of mine was arrested and thrown in jail. busted for printing fifties in the basement of his business. the cops found high end scanners and printers along with brand spankin' new bills. he claims he is innocent. yeah, ok. now did he pay me in cash? hmmmmm. I believe so.

our roof sprung a leak. twice.

oh! and

we made a major purchase for the apartment. something that has been needed for quite some time now (years actually) but we just couldn't commit. it's a huge financial and design investment. sure, we wanted knoll but spending $7,431 (free shipping) was not an option. I am a design snob with specifics in mind and a limited budget. we finally found a decent alternative I could live with (sort of) and bought it. I immediately called sister L and said, "I've just made your sister J very happy."
"really? what did you do?'
"come on. can't you guess?"
"no. we just bought a new sofa."


AwkwardMoments said...

sounds like a very busy week .. grats onknitting again

Joy said...

*LOL* Way to take the steam out of an announcement, sis.

Welcome back to the blogosphere. I'd been checking for you.

As an animal lover, I'll say thanks for doing a good deed.. and congrats on suriving all the other stuff.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Phew. That was quite a week!!

I'm also an animal lover and work for a rescue so awesome job on saving the pup!!! Hopefully Karma pays you back ten-fold...and not from that guy's stash in his basement. LOL.

And for your sister's reply...geesh. I bet she felt like an ass--just kidding ;)

nickoletta100 said...

WOW, busy week. I sure hope you took your $50's to the bank already!

Congrats on the couch and great job on saving the doggie. Hoping that karma comes around and bites you in the ass!

lub said...

Congrats on the "commitment". I totally know what you are saying! Welcome back!

Michael Evans said...
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Michael Evans said...

Your final comment made me spit out my drink!