10 October 2007

now what?!

I have a sickly skin condition. it's ugly and it's spreading. it started in the middle of the left side of my back and has been slowly creeping down and NOW over to my belly. a pattern of red, oddly shaped blotches. they are not "raised" and they don't itch. they are just... there.

b is perplexed. I noticed a small rash after my one and only "successful" IVF cycle. (success in terms of finally getting to ER and ET.) is it a reaction to the smorgasbord of IVF meds and vitamin supplements? the pio shots maybe? b went to his/our medical bookshelf (all my books are stored in the basement) and found some pretty interesting information. I was convinced I had ringworm just because it's so nasty and gross. or even the flesh eating disease. well, it's not ringworm and there's no flesh eating going on. it appears to be some kind of blah blah blah psoriasis. "manifestations of the condition can occur following infection or (get this) acute emotional upset." that's me! the one with the acute emotional upset!

so which upset exactly brought on the sickly skin condition? the move? the botched renovations? the rapidly growing dept? the rapidly growing weight? the multiple failed IVFs? the multiple canine cancers? I wonder. at this point I'm expecting total body coverage of the mysterious red welts.

b said to make an appointment with a dermatologist just to be on the safe side. no way! not now. with all of the time I have spent at cornell and at the oncologist's office I am NOT adding another physician to my life. until I start to scratch or the rash ventures to where the public can see it, I'm simply going to ignore the presence of the blah blah blah...whatever.


AwkwardMoments said...

i hope it's not painful! Goodness that plate is full

Anonymous said...

Look up pityriasis rosea

I had it in Grad School...when I was under an extreme amount of stress. My "herald patch" (the large patch that starts the whole ball rolling) was on my shoulder.

The rash will be mainly on your trunk...but can extend to your thighs (mine was particularly bad).

The rash will form a typical 'christmas tree' pattern across your back, as the rash is thought to be caused by a virus that resides in your neural ganglion.

Don't let them tell you there are no 'symptoms'. It doesn't really itch...but WILL itch at night. Maybe because you may wake up with night sweats (I usually woke up around 2AM). Also, I had loose 'stools'.

There is a long story that goes with this...including a derm intern's diagnosis of syphilis...(can you imagine?? I was MORTIFIED...especially since I hadn't had sex in quite a long time!!)

But...ask 'b' again...
If you show him the section on pityriasis Rosea...I bet he would agree that this is what it is...

It sucks...
Mine lasted about 10 weeks.


Joy said...

Oh dear lord.
Like you need more crap!

I break out from everything. I buy Cortizone cream in the jumbo packs at Sam's. *passing a tube* I hope it leaves quickly!