03 October 2007

I'm back

and feeling pretty good. chilli had his chemo on wednesday and after I headed north home to maine for a few days. I have a nice little satellite office set up there, a big open yard for the dogs to roam, and nothing but ocean to look at (when not staring at my mac.) oh, and lobster. lots of it!

some friends were visiting the area from ny for a long weekend. b came up saturday night from ct and we had them over for a lobster/clam feast complete with martinis -- straight up with olives -- my friend's specialty. NOTHING beats sitting on the deck overlooking the atlantic watching the sky and water change colors with the sunset. after the lobster massacre we had defrosted wedding cake for dessert. fyi, frozen fondant is very similar to tupperware. shocking to us all, the cake was quite good. or maybe it was the champagne that our friends brought that made it taste so yummy. in keeping with the celebration, I sported my veil from last year (complete with festive ostrich feathers.) I loooved that veil. it's too bad I was only allowed to wear it for like 20 minutes at my own wedding. even with the IVF weight gain, the veil still fit!

so the salt air, sun, and beach did us good. I feel more optimistic and encouraged to start our next cycle and chilli is "side-effect-free." business is great (and relatively creative.) it's nice to be back and feeling good.


AwkwardMoments said...

what a great trip. glad chili is side effect free

nickoletta100 said...

it sounds beautiful! What a great place to get away from it all!

lub said...

Glad you are feeling good. I am jealous of your trip. I love beautiful places and I can just see the ocean through your blog. Ahhh, the good life!

Joy said...

Sounds wonderful!
I wish I could have joined the fun..