09 November 2007

$29 and $27 opks later

acute emotional upset = ugly red traveling torso blotches. crap.
extreme stress and sadness = delayed ovulation. shit!
I'm fallin' apart here.

I've been testing for a week now for my vanishing LH surge. a detected surge is crucial for my rapidly approaching co-culture appointment. no surge means no co-culture means another delayed IVF means a very grumpy person. there are many things in my life that I cannot rely on and ovulation is not one of them. my cycle is textbook. well it used to be. next test: 4 pm EST. I haven't peed in hours. time to place your bets people.

"...stress can affect the functioning of the hypothalamus — the gland in the brain that regulates your appetite and emotions, as well as the hormones that tell your ovaries to release eggs. If you're stressed out, you may ovulate later in your cycle or
...not at all.

It's important to differentiate between constant and sudden stress. The body often acclimates to constant, everyday stresses, so you'll probably ovulate fairly consistently each cycle. It's sudden stress — a death in the family, an accident, divorce — that can throw your cycle off and interfere with ovulation."

even better.

"All stress is not created equal. Abnormal levels of stress hormones in the system can affect sperm production and prevent or delay ovulation. Harm is done when no time is allowed for recovery after a bout with stress or when one or more stresses happen simultaneously."



AwkwardMoments said...

hoping and willing you to O soon

Anonymous said...

Warning: assvice follows, or at least my own experience which may or may not apply to you.

I had this problem last week too. Are you getting NO line on your OPK at all, or are you getting a faint line that doesn't count as positive? It was way past the time that I should have been ovulating and I still only had a super lame line. Then I pulled the last 5 days worth of OPK's out of the trash and saw that on the day that I should have ovulated the faintish line appeared, and that the line had stuck around a few days and was now starting to fade. Sure, it still wasn't an official positive according to the diagram that comes with the OPK's, but it was by far the most plausible explanation for what had happened (esp. since my cycle is normally ueber-regular). Called it in, had my co-culture biopsy yesterday.

I had a similar experience back in the hard-to-remember days of IUI where the OPK just didn't register the surge at all and I missed the cycle (found out later the brand was crap, but Consumer Reports says all OPKs miss some surges).

You can ask your clinic for a blood test to confirm surge if you are worried the OPKs are not doing the trick, you are not just stuck with what they say (or don't).

Good luck! Hope this assvice turns out to be totally unnecessary.

squarepeg said...

I'm putting my token on 4 p.m. COME ON.... O!

squarepeg said...

it's 4:36. so???

and is it creepy that I'm stalking your pee stick results?