28 November 2007

cd 7

oh, the pain. the pain of traveling to nyc for sunrise monitoring. between the sleepless nights (full of intense night sweats and wet pajamas) the hardcore (borderline overdose) meds, the 4 am alarm, and 4 hours on a rickety old (and very packed) train, I'm TIRED! I was in the city 2 days ago for a 5 minute b/w appointment. ugh. I was there again today for b/w and an u/s. the RE said there is a good chance I'll have to trek into the city every other day from now on. AND this is a LONG-ass protocol! then we move onto daily sunrise monitoring. when am I going to find time to get my work done? work necessary to pay for this IVF decadence? co-culture, ICSI, and AH - all 100% out of pocket. $5250 more!

a fellow poor responder cornell IVFer just went through ER and got 11 eggs! fantastic! 10 were mature and fertilized with ICSI. I'm so happy for her. I am doing the same exact protocol. I can only dream of numbers like that.

let's go "new RE dr d"! do your stuff! perform your magic! grow follies, grow!


nickoletta100 said...

Grow follies, grow!!! Sorry you have to keep making this trek! It better be worth it!

Joy said...

Ugh.. What a pain (literally!)
Hopefully it's all for good cause. Rootin' for you!

squarepeg said...

I've been thinking about you! You must be soooo tired :( I am so excited to hear about your progress though, and sending TONS of good thoughts your way!!

AwkwardMoments said...

i am so sorry of that awful trek .. but that new dr sounds very promising! I am send lots and lots of positive vibes your way!

Joy said...

You've been tagged!