11 December 2007


short and sweet. it's very difficult typing with one hand and flat on my back. we (actually dr s - I love him) transfered 3 embryos yesterday.

"they're a good group! they look real nice!"

this happened post 5 car accident in front of the hospital. yes, my car was one of the innocent victims, AGAIN! slammed front and back by 2 giant suvs. fucking idiotic driver. what's wrong with you?

"you better have fucking good insurance." and I walked into the hospital for my IVF transfer, trying desperately to be calm and hoping we had a way to get home.


squarepeg said...

Oh my god - again!?!! I'm so sorry!!! How DID you get home??

So happy to hear about the good embies though - let's hope that you're "out" of bad news for a while - you've certainly had much more than your share.

AwkwardMoments said...

WOW 2 in less than a month! Goodness i am so sorry. Nice to hear about the good embies! Wishing then a safe 9 month ride.

nickoletta100 said...

3 wonderful embies!!!! That is soooo wonderful!!! Please stick, embies, stick!!!!

That really sucks about the accidents, I hope it didn't take you 4 hours to get home!

Rest up and let those little ones snuggle in, looking forward to your bfp!!!

Anonymous said...

Three that "look real nice"!!! is music to my ears.

So rooting for you!

Maria (MKC101103) said...


Joy said...

Oh Im so excited for you! Stick embabies, stick.

(Sorry 'bout the car. Jackasses!)