31 December 2007

beta updates and Happy New Year!

saturday (done behind "new Re dr d's" back - so sneaky) 833
monday (today) 1529

we're doubling people! (or close to it.) we are far from being "out of the woods" but I'm feeling a little more joy and and little less terrified. VERY little less.

I spoke with a nurse about the low numbers. "are you at all concerned?" I asked. voice and hands shaking. a giant piece of toblerone in my mouth.

"no. not at all. no more b/w for you. we'll see you on thursday for an u/s."

"new RE dr d " will be back from holiday by then. FINALLY I can speak with my doctor instead of getting all my information from google MD and nurse yahoo.


nickoletta100 said...

I am just so happy for you!!! This is wonderful news!! Looking forward to that first u/s!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!!!

AwkwardMoments said...

well this is just plain exciting! sending good thoughts for the upcoming u/s

Portia P said...

Just caught up on your last couple of posts. What great news!! I'm so pleased for you (and encouraged for me) and i'm looking forward to hearing how your u/s goes.

Well done and happy new year to you!

Aunt Becky said...

Yay for betas!

Joy said...


Praying for a great u/s!

Rebecca said...

That is great! Keep us posted!

becoming-mom said...

I am SO so happy you are now out of Beta hell! Its really just completely terrifying.