06 February 2008

golden ticket

I had a vivid dream last night that I was dating (catch this) ryan seacrest. this is a guy that I have never thought of as anything more than american idol's little host. I don't even consider him very attractive or anything special. sure he's kinda cute and occasionally comical. but that's about it.

but what a great guy to date! he was soooo attentive, affectionate and super kind. he absolutely ADORED me! his feelings were obvious to anyone who saw us together. at one point we were on an elevator and people were pointing and commenting. he had his arm around my waist and he was smiling away acknowledging all the stares. I told him about little one and he was rather excited about the news.

it doesn't take more than psych 101 to figure out what is going on here subconsciously. but why ryan seacrest? why not johnny depp. or tom brady. or chris cornell from soundgarden? now were talkin'! well tonight is another night and the possibilities are endless (and I am going to bed early - alone as usual.)


AwkwardMoments said...

Hahahah but Ryan Seacrest..Too Funny - so sorry it's alone

Joy said...

Tom Brady? Break my heart why don't you!?

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady? He's not attentive!! He left his pregnant girlfriend and ran off with Gisele, remember?

Your post made me LOL. Seacrest is such a cute little pocket squirrel!