01 February 2008

10w. we're having a boxer!

yesterday's appointment was bittersweet. it is AMAZING how much has happened during these last 2 weeks. the tiny gummy bear is all grown up! little one looks like a little person now! at first he/she was "resting" but it didn't take long before we saw some action and the punches started flying. squirmy had some nice kicks as well. watch out! how ironic is it that I was looking very much like de niro in raging bull just last week. I'm SO glad that sinus infection is history.

(fyi - little one is positioned "bottoms up." images are best viewed upside down. seriously.)

with all the excitement there had to be some unpleasant news as well. of course. in both shots you can actually get a glimpse of the "problem." the black shadow along the right of the amniotic sac is the subchorionic bleed. this is what sent me to the ER late that one (horrific) night. dr f would have liked to have seen some improvement since my last u/s 2 weeks ago. "I'd be much happier if you didn't have this." yeah... me too.

I go back next week for more monitoring. at that point I will be loaded with all sorts of questions. be prepared dr f! to be honest, he really caught me off guard with his concern. I wasn't prepared for subchorionic hematoma chit chat. I feel like I have a ticking time bomb in my belly. not fun. I prefer just the tiny beating heart, thank you.

on the flip side, little one is growing nicely and doing well. I'm holding onto that thought (with all my might.) I'm in awe and I cannot stop staring at these pictures. grainy, out of focus, grayscale images only a mother could love.


Aunt Becky said...

I had a Subchorionic bleed with Alex, too. It's terribly scary.

Your boxer is freaking adorable.

AwkwardMoments said...

I am glad they are monitoring you and the baby looks Lovely!

Joy said...

You know I have a boxer dog, right? Which of course I thought "It looks like a dog?" and glanced at the u/s pictures and thought "hmm.. looks like a baby to me.." then read on. Duh!

I'm sorry about the bleed.. :(

I don't know much about it so that's about the extent of my grand wisdom.

And I promise to post some pics soon. I've been going home and sleeping a lot so I haven't been very productive, but I will post 'em!

nickoletta100 said...

So cute! I see an arm and a leg! Adorable.

I hope that silly bleed goes away very soon!

Portia P said...

Sorry i've been awol a short time.

V pleased you got to see a heart beat but i'm sorry about your bleed. Hope it heals quickly.

Thanks for your email. xx